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of further expanding their businesses

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ve China-Af▓rica relations. SACE Foundation has been conducting surveys on Chinese companies operating in Sou▓th Africa. It has also been working with local SMEs that want to sell to Chinese companies operating▓ in the country..Lu says Chinese companies particularly need legal, tax, human resources, mark▓eting, communications and public relations services from local organisations tha

▓t have a better understanding of regulations and cultural issues.▓ “Lately Chinese companies in South Africa are lookin

g to become more ▓market oriented – they are no longer just looking at government deals. They are tweaking their products to be relevant to local demands and they care what the market thinks. One just need

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s to look at Chinese ph▓one makers Meizu, Hisense, Oppo, Tecno and Huawei, which are doing lo▓cal marketing. They work with local service providers and hire local st▓a

ff. It is a truly promising trend. Previously one would see Chinese companies import pro

ducts that don’t bear a brand, and they didn’t care about ha

ving high brand ▓value. But today they understand that here is a sound middle class and a young consumer group that will pay for brand value. So these companies are now sourcing services from local providers in marketing, b

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randing and communications, for instance,&r▓dquo; Lu adds. According to him, the foundation has received several enq▓uiries from South African companies who

want to pitch and sell to Chinese companies.There are also more South African-owned trading companie▓s importing goods from China –

from electronics to home furnishing materials etc. The biggest challenges for African enterprises doing business with China, particularly those engaged in import and export, include financial

constraints, langu▓age barriers and lack of trust. “Local businesses that import goods from China struggle with these things. Chinese companies usually say, ‘put all the money upfront and I will send your goods afterwards’. And if they are buying from you they will demand you ship th▓e goods first and when it arrives at a Chinese port t

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hen they will pay you. They are worried about fraud,” states Lu. &ld▓quo;What many local

growing as fast as it did in recent year

enterprises are not aware of is that in South Africa, for instance, ▓there are at least 500 Chinese trading companies that sell a v

s, the Asian superpower remains quite vi

ariet▓y of goods from ceramics to household goods to CCTV cameras to electronics. If a local company does

sible in many parts of the contine

n’t have the capacity to source directly from China, they could actually work with a Chinese trader comp

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a.Traditionally, C hina-South Africa econom ic activitie s have foc used on govern ment-to-government r elations. Bu t engagement between p rivate secto r entities is▓ pick ing up, says J inghao Lu, project director at the Sino Africa ▓Cen tre of Excellence (S ACE) Found ation, an organi sation that seeks to impro 都匀市5G 三都水族自治县5G 资源县5G 湘阴县wap 枣庄市wap 梁平县wap 龙里县5G 永福县5G 会理县5G 大同市wap 武宁县wap 邛崃市wap 罗源县5G 景德镇市5G 吴桥县wap 三都水族自治县wap 五指山市wap 思茅市5G 广宗县wap 潼南县5G 超变传奇私服单职业 盛大传奇私服网页版 传奇私服神罚之城 新开1.76复古传奇私服网站 冰雪版本传奇私服漏洞 热血传奇私服客户端 传奇私服补丁放哪 超变传奇私服手游下载 1.76热血传奇私服发布网 传奇私服视频教程